'About us'

'About us'

How it began

In 2012, Annemaaike Kruisselbrink went to Gulu, Northern Uganda, to do her master’s research in International Development Studies. She focused on people who have managed to return from abduction by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA): what process they go through when they return to their communities and which initiatives support them. One of the many areas of support turned out to be education – scholarships in particular. The 20-year-long war with the LRA has affected all aspects of daily life in Northern Uganda, such as people’s ability and opportunity to make a living and the development of education as a whole.


Scholarship programs help families to pay for the relatively high costs of primary, secondary and university education. But, criteria need to be met: if a student does not perform well, there is a high chance he or she will lose the scholarship. Most programs do combine psychosocial support with these scholarships. However, intensive academic support is scarce and awareness of the many types of learning challenges seem to be lacking – not only for beneficiaries of scholarship programs, but for all students at all levels of education. Since the costs of going to school are high, so are the stakes of completing. This leaves a gap that Backup Uganda is aiming to fill as a nonprofit, non governmental organization.


“To promote and provide individual attention for students, especially for students who experience learning challenges”

Backup Uganda intends to reach this goal by:

  • Offering support that connects to the individual student and the Ugandan cultures and history
  • Directly supporting students in learning how to tackle their own challenges in education
  • Working together with and developing skills of education-related and teaching staff
  • Exchanging knowledge, skills and experience between education and pedagogical experts and teaching staff

Our Board

Backup Uganda currently has three board members:

Coerd van der Zwaag
Board director

Jan Kruisselbrink
Treasurer & secretary

Anneke Scholten
General board member

Our Uganda Team

Our small but active Uganda team consists of:

Annemaaike (Ann) Kruisselbrink
Co-founder & Uganda country director

Glades Lanyero