Holiday program: Study skills

At the end of January, a special collaboration took place between Backup Uganda and Unified for Uganda. Unified for Uganda supports vulnerable children with school fees, school materials and a mentor. Although this is a big step forward already, schools do not pay much attention to study skills. Of course you are supposed to ‘read hard’, but how do you do this?

For a whole week, we spent every morning looking at the details of all those skills you need to learn successfully, both at school and in your free time. Together with 20 students and a combined team of Backup Uganda and Unified for Uganda, we practised different learning styles, setting goals and planning accordingly, effective studying for various subjects, and making summaries. We did not just work with ‘boring’ texts: crane birds were made, speeches were written, and creative mindmaps were drawn!


We have already become very curious to see these students’ results at the end of the first school term. Although most of them found especially planning ‘very difficult’, they did add that from now on, they want to use their time in a smarter way!