Research: Sustainability of Backup Uganda

As you have probably seen on our social media, early last year we were joined by (then) masters student Rens Weenink in Gulu. For his masters Culture, Organization & Management, he researched how the various staff members at Gulu Primary School as well as we as an organization were experiencing the joint development process. Rens’ goal was to create more mutual understanding between both parties where possible. Of course the main goal of a masters research is to complete the program, but the results of Rens’ research are also quite valuable to Backup Uganda!

For example, the research confirmed that we are all on the same page in terms of what we want to achieve: we want high-quality education for all children that come to Gulu Primary School. It also turned out to be clear that we as an organization do our very best to help the teachers try new approaches, instead of just telling them what to do. We learned that this does make the work difficult sometimes, because people are used to being told just that by other projects. In addition, we are all familiar with different professional cultures, we often communicate in different ways, and the teachers and school administrators are often so busy that it becomes hard for them to join in on our activities as well.

In the end, Rens concludes that Backup Uganda has not yet reached the point at which Gulu Primary School can continue supporting children with learning difficulties independently. We absolutely agree with that! That is why our plans for 2018 and beyond have been adjusted to make this possible after all. We will share with you soon what these plans look like!

And the cliffhanger…Rens has graduated in the meantime! Do you want to know more about his research, or would you like him to do a research for you, send him an email at