2018: Backup’s partner schools

Gulu PTC Demonstration Primary School is one of the new partner schools for this year. This school is connected to one of the Primary Teachers Colleges in Gulu. It is a more rural school, relatively far outside Gulu. We would like to compare how our project will work at schools in different environments, with learners with different backgrounds. We are still a little overwhelmed by the excited welcome we received from headteacher Hellen!

Number 2 is Highland Primary School, a government-aided school as well, with about 400 learners. This school falls within Gulu municipality and receives mostly learners who live closer to or even in town. Just like the Demonstration School, Highland is lacking quite some resources, but the school team is motivated to make a difference in the lives of the learners.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Gulu Primary School. It turned out to be impossible to fit our project within the general school programs. Such a bummer! We are very grateful to the teachers of Gulu Primary School for their cooperation the past 2 years and we hope they will continue using their new knowledge and skills about learning difficulties.