2018: The Movement

For Backup Uganda, 2018 is all about a new approach, a renewed project. We are starting a movement of teachers and parents who are not just willing to help their own learners with learning difficulties, but who are going to be part of a change on a larger scale. This year we are testing, as of next year we are spreading this approach: The Movement begins.

What is this approach about exactly? At every partner school we ensure:

~ Intensive workshops for teachers, focused on independently recognizing and supporting children with learning difficulties

~ Weekly lesson observations & feedback

~ Involvement & training in giving remedial lessons

~ Sensitization & training for parents

we have decided to no longer work with learners ourselves. With all our learners we have experienced that their learning needs are still not met in the classroom. As soon as we started working with them, their teachers got the impression that this would be enough AND that they would score high grades within no time. No matter how much we wish it would work this way, reality is a lot more complicated. Moreover, we do not intend to stay at the same partner schools forever, but we aim to help set up support that stays available, even when we have moved on to other schools.