Update: Time for the parents

The parents of PTC Demonstration Primary School have come to know us as well by now! We invited them for a meeting, where we sneaked in a couple of training elements as well. If you invite all parents of a school, you can expect a serious number to show up… Over 100 dads, moms, grandfathers and grandmothers let their curiosity lead them to the school library.

We talked about our project at their school, what they should and should not ask us for help with, why we see difficulties in reading as a learning difficulty and why this does not go for lack of sleep, and lots more. Of course we had not just come to talk, but especially to listen: the parents explained to us what they consider good education and which learning difficulties they have already experienced at home. Together, we agreed on the responsibilities that the parents themselves can take in helping their children when they find learning hard. For instance, a parent narrated to us how it helps his child a great deal when he keeps an eye on his concentration during homework, until the work is actually finished.

We always thoroughly enjoy meetings with parents, because often we can read relief on their faces. If you don’t know what learning difficulties are, chances are your child seems not that intelligent, lazy, or unmotivated. And who loves to think this about their own child… During the meeting we also heard: “It’s like you came to my home to watch. What you just explained is exactly what my child does!”