Update: The Partner School Parents

Now that we have started at a new partner school (Highland Primary School), of course we had to begin by meeting the learners’ parents. We invited them at school in two groups to hear more from us about our project and to have a chance to ask all possible questions. Fortunately, just like at Gulu PTC Demonstration Primary School, we received a warm and interested welcome. After a couple of hilarious but helpful roleplays, we also learned more about which possible learning difficulties the parents have already detected in their children.

At Gulu PTC Demonstration Primary School, time had already come for the next training with the children’s parents. Did you know that although these trainings usually take 2 hours, we have to plan almost an entire day for it? When you invite parents at school, you have to make sure you bring your patience with you. For example, if you have communicated that the training will start at 9am, you can assume there will be around 15 parents by 10am. Yet, the school has over 500 learners… But, after another hour, the number of people present was significantly bigger! In the end, we received over 100 parents this time.

This time, we focused on understanding behavioural difficulties. After the parents had given a couple examples of what they see as positive and negative behaviour, we were able to look at the underlying reasons for this specific behaviour. The most important message of this training: when we understand where behaviour comes from, we can do our best to stimulate positive behaviour, prevent negative behaviour, and make less use of punishment as a solution.