Update: Professional training @U4U

There we went in July, our first professional training, tailor-made for partner organization Unified for Uganda. While we usually work with teachers or parents, it was time for U4U’s mentors now. These mentors guide the learners who are sponsored by U4U: they regularly visit the children at school and at home, talk to their parents and give the children advice when necessary. Just like teachers, every now and then they encounter children who are finding learning difficult, so it was our task to help them prepare for that.

Although we had designed the training specifically for the mentors, the rest of the U4U team and a couple other curious people joined as well. For 3 mornings, we worked on the following steps:

1: How can you recognize specific learning difficulties?
2: How can you support a learner with a learning difficulty as a mentor?
3: Who can you connect to when a learner needs more help?

This training was twice the fun for us, because we only received participants who chose to join the training. They took plenty of time to discover themes like dyslexia, dyscalculia and AD(H)D. And, we had the opportunity to discuss several individual learners together.

And the feedback?

“Now I finally have a real plan for this learner!”
“I can use this for my own children as well!”
“I always thought this learner had a learning difficulty, but it turns out to be something else!”

The next training for another education-based is already scheduled for September. So far, this seems like a helpful strategy to expand our reach!